How to Remove the Pet Hair from Your South China Home

Are you a South China expat dealing with issues of pet hair on your furniture, carpets and clothing? For many pet owners, it feels as if the shedding pet hair is an unavoidable torture that can never be solved. However, this is not true. There are many great vacuums that do an unbelievable job at picking up pet hair with very little time and effort. These vacuums are guaranteed to put those lint rollers to shame. Are you ready to solve this tortuous issue? Then keep reading, because I am going to tell you how to find the best vacuum to rid all of the pet hair in your South China home.

There are many factors and vacuum options to consider before you can fully decide what vacuum is the best one for your home. The flooring types you have in your home, the types of pets you have that shed hair, do you prefer a bagless vacuum or a compact vacuum over an upright version are all things to consider before purchasing your vacuum. Of course, the budget you have for your vacuum is also a very important deciding factor.

My first choice in a pet hair vacuum is the Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel Pet vacuum. The one I own is a bagged, upright vacuum. The best part of this vacuum IS the amazing bags it uses. The bags are made with activated carbon HEPA material which reduces pet odors and helps with allergies. This is great because every pet owner loves to eliminate the odors there pets can leave behind. The bags also release into the trash at a press of a button. This means no touching the bags or dropping them onto the floor. The wind tunnel technology reduces blowback onto your carpet and works deep down into the carpet to remove all pet hair. This vacuum only costs you $130.

Many other vacuums can cost up to $600, it all depends on the brand name and the features. Both the Kenmore Intuition and the Kenmore Progressive are also great options for pet hair removal. Although they come in at slightly higher prices they offer different features that may appeal to people more than those of the Hoover vacuum. The Progressive model features similar allergy removal technology, and eight-foot hose and a LED light to better see what you are vacuuming.

When shopping for the perfect vacuum as a South China expat make sure to keep in mind what will work best for your home. While a vacuum may do a great job vacuuming dog hair off of hardwood and tile you may need a vacuum that works better on cat hair that is stuck deep in your carpet. Many vacuums on the market work just as well as they claim, they just need to fit what you are looking for.