How to Get Into Cosmetology After Being a South China Expat

Are you an expat in South China looking to come back to the United States and pursuing cosmetology?

There are many things you need to be aware of before going into the cosmetology field such as the education options and what area of expertise is best suited for you. You may feel like you should wait until you are back in the states before looking into your options but that is not the case. I can provide you with all of the research you need to start thinking about your future in the beauty field.

Cosmetology school is not as extensive to get into as a university for other fields, however there are some requirements and costs that come with it you should be aware of. Most beauty schools require you to be at least 16 years old, for most South China expats this is not an issue. Although many only require you to be 16, they also require a high school diploma or equivalent such as a GED.

One thing to consider before entering any field of work is how much you can make. As an entry level cosmetologist, you can expect to earn somewhere around $23,000 a year. This is a very good amount when you live in South China, but in the United States it doesn’t go as far. However, as you become more known and pick up clients you will notice an increase in your salary almost every year. Cosmetology is a very rewarding and competitive career. Your salary very much depends on your experience, relationship with clients and skills.

The first step is to find a school you want to go to. There are many great beauty schools all over the country and you should look at many of the options available near where you are planning to relocate too. Most beauty schools follow the same procedures, learning plans and exams so any school you decide to go to will be a great choice. Next, you have to figure out how to afford beauty school. You can pay out of pocket, with student loans and should always apply for student aid.

The average program is about 375 hours of training. This is to ensure that the students of a beauty school will be prepared to pass their state board exams and be successful in the real world. Often you can fit all of your hours of training into one year of schooling, if you are planning to work or have something else to do while studying, it is common to also split this training into two years.

The most important thing to remember in beauty school is although it can be a lot of fun, you also must focus on the rules and techniques your teachers are discussing with you. All of this information will be on the state board exams which are the deciding factor on if you graduate cosmetology school or not. Have fun, focus on your studies and pass the exams and you are ready to enjoy the beauty field for years to come.