Finding the Perfect Crossbow in South China

Many South China expats are looking to purchase great crossbow for either hunting in China or when they come back to the states. Although there is a ton of important information online for finding out what to look for in a crossbow, I am going to go through the basic things to look for so you can successfully purchase a great crossbow while expatriating in South China.

Since 2013, the popularity of the crossbow has increased immensely. Because of this growth in popularity there are many options for crossbows on the market today. Although almost all of them are great options for hunting, it can be intimidating to decide on which one is the best crossbow option for you.

The Barnet Ghost 410 is a high quality crossbow great for hunters. It shoots at a speed of 410 FPS which makes it one of the most powerful crossbows on the market. I would not suggest this bow to beginner hunters due to its unbelievable power, but if you are an advanced hunter this bow is great for hunting prey that moves quickly when frightened.

This bow also has a draw weight of 180 pounds which is suggested for an average or strong male. This draw weight helps the bow be very powerful, however may be difficult to use for young hunters or woman. Even though this crossbow is incredibly strong, it only weighs 7.3 pounds making it great for long hunting trips that will require a lot of walking and carrying your bow around. This bow sells for around $850 and comes with many great features like 3 bows, a 3×32 scope, talon sling and quiver.

Don’t forget there are many other things you will need to purchase besides just the crossbow. You will also need to purchase bows, a cocking device, and a practice target. Many people spend their entire budget on the bow before realizing there are other costs associated with buying a crossbow.

Besides considering your budget when buying a crossbow you need to make sure all of the features of the bow fit your needs. Although it may be a great bow for some people, you want to find the bow that will work perfect for you. The draw weigh, speed of the shots and the power of the scope it comes with is all very important to consider before purchasing that bow you have your eyes on.

The right crossbow can make or break your hunting trip. You want a bow you can aim perfectly with and hit the target before they hear it coming. The perfect bow is out there so don’t settle for less than what fits all of your needs.