Driving with Kids in China

babytransitFor expats who are travelling, it’s common to forget a thing or two about your personal belongings. With all the travelling that you have on your plate, you would always think that you can just improvise. But all of these changes when you take your children with you on your trips—especially if they are infants and toddlers. If you have these children on board with you, you have to remember to bring all the essentials from strollers to feeding bottles and, of course, the car seats.

When you travel to different countries like Southern China with your children, it is easy enough to overlook the importance of car seats. You’d think that you can just easily secure one when you rent your private vehicle in the country that you’re going to but most of the time, these car companies do not have car seats to offer. Car seats are bulky and heavy so it may not be good to carry them around while travelling, but you have to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” If you are still unsure, here are some of the benefits of having your baby car seats when you travel with your kids.

Child Safety

When you’re driving around a foreign country, it’s hard enough to navigate your way through the street maps or GPS that you might have. Imagine having to carry your baby or watch over them from time to time while driving. On the road, there is a possibility of getting into an accident at all times, would you want to risk having your child hurt in case this happens? It’s all about prevention and children are very fragile, so it’s good to make them feel secure and safe at all times.

Baby Nursing

If you have an infant with you, expect that you have to nurse them from time to time. When you are inside a car and travelling, a car seat will make this so much easier for you than doing it the traditional way. Most moms pump their milk the night before they travel to make it easier for them to nurse their babies on the road. Having a car seat will ensure that your baby is comfortable while nursing and will not put him confused.

Keep them on their seats

Everyone knows that children are all about playing around and having fun—especially with their siblings. When you are driving around, you don’t want to have this kind of rowdiness happening in the backseat and buckling them down on their car seats is the way to solve his problem. Imagine not having car seats and just letting them play around and mess with each other while you’re trying to find a restaurant to eat in—isn’t that a nightmare? Car seats will help you keep your children at bay and not having to worry about them pulling your hair while you’re driving and will keep you less worried and stress-free throughout the whole trip.

Another great type of stroller to bring when travelling is a sit and stand stroller. It gives your child more comfort. Also, should you find yourself in a place with limited seats, your child can comfortable stay in the stroller and serve as a chair.