South China is China’s wealthiest region. It’s not the polluted and crowded that mainstream media portrays. (That would be the North and East side of China) This region has  lot of places with natural beauty. For retirees who want to breathe clean air, admire majestic mountains, relax and explore nature, South China is the place to go.

Relaxing in Shangri-La, trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, seeing the old town of Lijiang, and so much more attracts immigrants to settle in this region. There’s a diverse lifestyle in South China that makes it very appealing to expats. Who could say no when you can get the best of both worlds; you get to see natural beauty but still have the amenities of the modern world, accessible in Hong Kong and Macau.

Aside from providing information for readers on what is in South China, this site caters to expats who are looking to fit in the culturally-diverse region. Readers will find simple tips on how to create a comfortable life in South China. Vacationers, tourists and backpackers can also take hint from what to expect when they visit this region!

This site is meant for readers/immigrants adjusting to the way of living  in South China but still want to stay updated of what’s happening across the globe.